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Legal Advisory

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We provide resources to make sure that the property is checked for litigations and issues which has become ubiquitous with most of the lands considering the passing of land titles from generation to generation. We understand the concept that lands and legal rights are interlinked and overlapped in an atmosphere of land policy changes from various governments. We strive to make sure that the documentation and doubts would be handled in a lucid manner. Any legalities that need to be clarified during development and financing would be delved in a professional and preordained manner. Our experience in drawing up contracts for the development and construction for any project would be useful in minimising any issues that would generally crop up.

Real estate consulting has its own share of apprehensions when recent issues like RERA come into picture, which we promise to take care of along with provision of the requisite documents.

Our task of getting a common platform for customers, banks and financial institutions, landlords, developers, third party builders, architects, real estate consultants, landscape specialists, marketing teams and RERA consultants might be cumbersome but we, at CK Infini, ensure that this platform is ever accessible and operative to the standard expected by the government and exceed expectations of the customers. Compliances under RERA would be verified and checked for various projects to help a customer determine the legalities.

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